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IBM Builds Green Data Center for GIB-Services; Innovative Technology to Heat Local Public Swimming Pool

Friday, March 13, 2009

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - 02 Apr 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) and GIB-Services today announced a new energy efficient "green" data center at a former military bunker outside of Zurich. The new data center is a highly secure data storage facility where GIB will support its clients in Switzerland, and will offer a first-of-its-kind energy model where a direct heat exchange will take place between the data center and a public swimming pool in the town.

Located in Uitikon, Switzerland, the data center is expected to create 2,800 MWh of wasted heat per year when operating at full capacity -- the same amount of energy needed to supply up to 80 houses with heating and warm water for one year. In order to repurpose some of this previously wasted energy, the town is looking to the needs of local civilians -- ensuring a comfortable temperature for swimming in the town pool.

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