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Identifying ROI for Dashboards

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recently, WiseAnalytics partnered with Klipfolio Inc. and Dashboard Insight to conduct a survey identifying the ROI achieved by organizations through dashboard use. Traditionally, ROI is measured by looking at savings versus costs, including software, hardware, and time saved.  This survey aims to go farther to identify some of the other factors that contribute to return on investment such as time to implement and whether the solution actually meets the organization’s expectations.  Although not a large sample size (interestingly, an earlier poll run by Klipfolio, indicated that only 56% of decision makers actually evaluate ROI when making BI/Dashboarding decisions), the survey results did merit some interesting insights. These include the company demographics of dashboard adoption, time to implement, the importance of the underlying data, and the use of multiple vendors to in relation to multiple dashboard deployments.

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