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If Big Data Could Talk, It Might Say, “Help Me Help You”

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightWednesday, October 2, 2013

Big data is currently one of the biggest (pun intended) buzz words in business intelligence. Some of the attention is certainly hype, not every organization has or needs big data, however, that being said it can be important to those organizations that do have it and who should be looking at it. Nathan Roberson writes for Business2Community on how to the make the most of what big data has to offer.

"Just because you have access to big data doesn’t mean you’re utilizing in the most efficient way. Volumes of choice tidbits could be crowding your computer, your inbox, and your printer. It’s raining charts and spreadsheets, but what are you doing with all this big data?

In order to make the best of what big data can offer, there are a few things to take into serious consideration.

Do you have a crack team of IT personnel who can tell you what it all means? Big data can look a lot like Sanskrit to most of us who have little to no background in data analysis. If you haven’t hired people who understand the science of big data aggregation and analysis, it can’t help to collect it in the first place."

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