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Imagine Software Leverages Panopticon Data Visualizations for Its Real-Time Portfolio and Risk Management Solution

Monday, May 16, 2011

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that Imagine Software, one of its key OEM partners, used the Panopticon Developer SDK to embed information visualizations into the latest major release of the Imagine portfolio and risk management system. Imagine serves the needs of hedge funds, asset management firms, pension funds, investment banks, prime brokers, market-makers, and sovereign wealth funds. 

In addition to new interactive data visualization capabilities enabled by Panopticon, Imagine’s latest release includes enhanced risk analytics, support for new asset classes, advanced charting, and customized reporting capabilities. It is designed to help clients respond more effectively to key market trends such as sustained market volatility, the need for advanced reporting capabilities that can help attract investor inflows, and address the necessity for diversified risk management methodologies.

Imagine client Steve Luo, Associate Director of Risk Management at China Merchants Securities, states, “Imagine’s new data visualization dashboards efficiently represent liquidity risk, greeks, and P&L, making it faster to identify risk exposures. Flexible visualizations let me view data by multiple breakdowns, specify a range and drill down into the detail.”

Dr. Lance Smith, Imagine Software’s CEO, said, “We recognized that intuitive, visual depictions of the market can provide a vital speed advantage in the investment decision-making process. So we conducted a rigorous search for the best available visualization solution. We are very happy with our selection of Panopticon—it gives us powerful analytical dashboard capabilities. The Developer SDK’s efficient design and comprehensive documentation allowed our team to be up and running with initial prototypes in just a few days. Panopticon’s wide acceptance with major banks and hedge funds helps underscore the benefits of a visualization-enabled approach to performance and risk management.”

Willem De Geer, Managing Director of Panopticon Software, said, “Imagine has one of the most advanced platforms in the world for investment management businesses of all sizes. The combination of their excellent risk analytics and data management functions with the Panopticon visual front end provides the industry with one of the most powerful platforms available. Imagine is ideal for helping fund managers and other investment professionals make the most of the opportunities available given the increased market volatility we have seen over the past three years.”

About Imagine Software

Imagine Software is a leading provider of real-time investment management solutions worldwide. Its flagship product, the Imagine Trading System, is a cross-asset trading, portfolio, and risk management system available as an ASP, cloud-based solution or an enterprise application. Developed for alternative investment companies of all sizes, Imagine combines proven enterprise functionality with comprehensive data management and automates key start-of-day and end-of-day business processes. Imagine Software serves thousands of users worldwide, ranging from major brokerage firms and banking institutions, to hedge funds employing all major asset classes across any trading strategy. Imagine Software is one-hundred-percent owned by its four managing directors. For more information, visit www.imaginesoftware.com or call +1 212-317-7600.

About Panopticon

Panopticon information visualization technology supports visual monitoring and fast analysis of real-time streaming data, the output of CEP engines and historical time series databases in financial services, telecommunications, engineering, consumer packaged goods, industrial manufacturing, and retail applications. The firm's Developer SDK supports Java, .NET and WPF environments and allows programmers to embed Treemaps, Heatmaps and other effective business intelligence capabilities into their own enterprise applications. Panopticon EX is a fully productized white label solution supporting rapid deployment across the enterprise to desktops and the web. The Panopticon Rapid Development Kit allows users to build complete analytical dashboards and embed them in enterprise applications in minutes. Clients include information services company Thomson Reuters, financial giant JP Morgan Chase, project management firm Deltek, and telecommunications systems provider Polystar. The company has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, London, and Stockholm. www.panopticon.com

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