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Ingres and Jaspersoft Partner to Provide Joint Business Intelligence Offering
Dashboard Insight Interviews Ingres Co-president Steve Shine

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Although I am a dashboard practitioner, I have to understand what’s going on in the data world, as well. In this interview, I have the unique opportunity to speak with Steve Shine, Co-president of Ingres, in regards to the partnership they have recently formed with Jaspersoft. For all of  you who are not aware, Ingres is known for its open source database engine that assists in data governance with its many technical features. Jaspersoft is known as a leading BI player with its newest position as leading the New IT World. Let’s get to the Q&A. Here's a link to the formal press release, as well.

Dashboard Insight: What is this joint offering?

Steve Shine: The joint offering is a free trial software package that combines the Jaspersoft 4 Enterprise BI Suite and the VectorWise analytic database. With this offer, business intelligence professionals can access and analyze complex data – all at the speed of thought.

DI: Are there any other similar offerings out there and, if so, what makes this different?

SS: There are a few similar partnerships in the BI and analytics space, but most of them are simply co-certified products, not an actual real evaluation environment.

DI: What is  your projected growth with this offering?

SS: It’s difficult to gauge what the uptick will be from this joint offering, but in speaking with customers and analysts in this space, we’ve heard that there is an under served market and together with Jaspersoft, we hope to serve it, and cost effectively.

DI: Why have you chosen a free trial model and what are the details of this trial model?

SS: The free trial is available for 30-days at no charge and contains Jaspersoft’s complete commercial version of its software and a complete version of VectorWise 1.5.

DI: Why did you choose Jaspersoft to partner with you on this venture?

SS: VectorWise and Jaspersoft have a long history of partnering to our customer’s joint success. Partially because we believe in making BI easier and more affordable for the masses, but also because our products work seamlessly together – another benefit to our customers.

I want to thank Steve for taking the time to answer these questions. Of course, it’s hard to answer everything in one interview, so please visit Ingre's website for more information. In addition, you can download the free trial version.

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