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Ingres Announces Innovative Cloud Solutions And Strategic Roadmap

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ingres Corporation, pioneers of the breakthrough analytic database, VectorWise, today announced it has taken its next step in the cloud with SkySafe, an innovative cloud platform, and a series of services for developing applications, analyzing data and archiving data. SkySafe enables Ingres to develop future services such as those that bridge private and public clouds and enables partners to add more services.

“Technologies for enterprise data management are evolving quickly, and in speaking with a broad range of customers and prospects, we heard they are looking for data management services that are available on-demand with inherent security,” said Terry Garnett, CEO of Ingres. “SkySafe is available today as a managed service to accelerate the creation of new cloud-based applications. In addition, SkyInsight and SkyArchive offer cloud-based data analysis and optional data storage. These will be supplemented by additional services from partners.”


SkySafe is an enterprise-grade cloud-based service that enables companies to develop and run applications securely without traditional administrative overhead.

  • Elastic Storage - SkySafe manages all structured data in one repository whether it is real-time, transactional or analytical, allowing users to seamlessly toggle between analytical and transactional business processes, thereby negating the need for multiple specialized databases.
  • Security - SkySafe leverages Ingres’ proven track record in securing sensitive deployments including those of national security. SkySafe includes encryption, role separation as well as fine-grained auditing.  

SkySafe Service Includes

  • Customization - to match a company’s individual business needs including peaks and valleys in required response times, data volumes and support levels.
  • Deployment Options - public or private clouds using virtualization technologies such as VMware’s vSphere.
  • Database Administration, Configuration, Upgrades, Maintenance and Tuning

“Our research among CIOs identified a real need for complete services built on an elastic database platform,” said M.R. Rangaswami, Founder of Sand Hill Group. “SkySafe is unique in extending cloud elasticity to the platform layer and I expect this offering to be compelling to organizations looking to build applications in the cloud.”


Built on the world’s fastest database for reporting, SkyInsight is a cloud-based interactive reporting and analysis service that enables companies to drive business insight from data at blazing speeds without the typical overhead associated with data analysis projects.  

  • Performance – SkyInsight utilizes the record breaking VectorWise technology for business insight at the speed of thought.
  • Flexibility – SkyInsight utilizes various front end BI tools or applications for analysis.

“There is great need for analytics in the cloud where you have volumes of data that require a phenomenal amount of computing in seconds,” said Richard Daley, CEO at Pentaho. “This is where the elasticity that the cloud brings is paramount. Ingres uniquely makes this elasticity accessible through its record breaking database, VectorWise, providing speed and scale to ad hoc reporting and analysis.”

SkyArchive is a cost-effective cloud-based data archiving solution which enables companies to address the challenge of rising volumes of data at a dramatically reduced cost.

  • Compression - SkyArchive leverages smart compression technology to dramatically reduce storage costs.
  • Rapid Access - SkyArchive can be used in conjunction with SkyInsight for data that needs to be accessed rapidly by a broad set of users across an organization.


SkySafe is available on the most popular public clouds including Amazon Web Services. SkyInsight and SkyArchive will be available in April.

About Ingres Corporation

Ingres develops and markets the leading open source enterprise-grade relational database and a breakthrough analytic database, VectorWise, designed to support the growing need for analytics and business intelligence. VectorWise customers claim performance improvements of up to 70X that of comparable databases, without the traditional overhead. The product is suitable for SMBs and enterprises and as an embedded database for ISVs and SaaS providers. VectorWise is quickly becoming a leader in interactive reporting and analysis for data-driven companies. More information is available at www.ingres.com

Ingres, VectorWise, SkySafe, SkyInsight and SkyArchive are trademarks of Ingres Corporation. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies

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