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Innovative Analysis and Intelligence Solution Drives Smarter Operations and Faster Time to Value

Monday, January 17, 2011

GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the availability of the latest version of Proficy® Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+ Version 5.0. The solution enables an intelligent form of causal analysis, proactive alarming and decision support so users can react faster and/or correct issues before a problem occurs. Troubleshooter and Cause+ utilize leading-edge technology to deliver powerful analytical abilities to transformdata into actionable information resulting in reduced downtime, waste, and re-work as well as improved OEE, quality, throughput and visibility into operations.

The Proficy Troubleshooter/Cause+ solution is a value-added product to Proficy Historian that enables the user to obtain more value, using multivariate analysis on historical data. It enables companies to look at historical data, determine causes of variation, put active intelligent monitoring in place and, now with v5.0, trigger operational workflows based on intelligent data based rules and/or models. With this powerful software, users can dramatically improve efficiency operationsby coupling the large amounts of operational data currently available in their facilities with automatic intelligence. The solution can be combined with HMI/SCADA systemsby providing likely causes for problems in real time and notifying floor personnel of impending process issues.

New innovations in the latest versions of the products drive reduced implementation costs, training time and improve speed of data preparation while maintaining backwards compatibility with previous versions. With the addition of Proficy SOA integration in v5.0, companies can realize reduced implementation and long-term support cost benefits for both small and large projects.

In addition, v5.0 enables users to prepare data in a new innovative way through a new data preparation engine that enables users to prepare the data, define data recipes and invoke prebuilt operations that ultimately increase the quality of incoming data faster than manual operations. This engine saves setup time, reduces the learning curve for new users and provides quality data prior to the analysis is being performed, leading to faster and more reliable intelligence.

“Every manufacturer not only needs some method for archiving plant data, but also an effective way of doing rapid process troubleshooting and other continuous improvement initiatives utilizing a plant data repository,” said Sheila Kester, General Manager of Operations Management Software for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Proficy Troubleshooter and Cause+, coupled with Proficy Historian, enable fast-tracking of continuous improvement and Six Sigma project cycles through its capability to facilitate the troubleshooting process for increased quality and reduction of material and energy usage through better understanding of their process.”

In addition, v5.0 features an Excel Add-In for exporting data to Microsoft Excel and a set of Matlab extensions that deliver the ability to embed Matlab components within Proficy Troubleshooter objects and execute Matlab code within a Troubleshooter component.

Proficy Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+ 5.0 is the latest example of how GE’s $4 billion-a-year software and solutions services businesses are helping customers improve productivity.

For more information: www.ge-ip.com/troubleshooter.

About GE Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms is an experienced high-performance technology company and a global provider of software, hardware, services, and expertise in automation and embedded computing. We offer a unique foundation of agile and reliable technology providing customers a sustainable competitive advantage in the industries they serve, including energy, water, consumer packaged goods, government & defense, and telecommunications. GE Intelligent Platforms is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA. For more information, visit www.ge-ip.com.

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