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Jitterbit Expands Data Integration Tools

Friday, October 16, 2009

Open source data integration supplier Jitterbit has announced the availability of Jitterbit 3.0 Enterprise MX, with tools that make it easier to use by business analysts, as well as programmers.

Jitterbit started out giving online application users the means of integrating their on-demand application data with their internal systems. Salesforce.com and NetSuite customers could work with their data in the online environment. Jitterbit made it possible for them to move that data into databases and to data warehouses where other applications could get at it, said CEO Sharam Sasson.

Version 2.0 gave Jitterbit users a graphical user interface with which they could build connections between applications and between applications and databases. It could graphically represent a business process that required Jitterbit connectors. It also upped the ante by giving developers the ability to move "chunks" of data at a time, speeding up the extract and load process as data is removed from one source and added to another in a useful format, said CTO Ilan Sehayek.

Article sourced from www.intelligent-enterprise.com, click here to read full story.

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