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JNetDirect, Inc. Releases New Public Sector Finance Dashboard / BI Tool for Stimulus Funds Reporting

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JNetDirect, Inc. announced today the release of financial dashboard solution, GFinance360™. GFinance360™ is a Business Intelligence solution created in response to the U.S. Recovery & Reinvestment Act and focused on improving governmental financial reporting.

The software assists State and Local Budget Managers, Finance Directors and CFOs improve the management and reporting of public sector finances and track stimulus package funds. GFinance360™ integrates seamlessly to existing data silos to provide a comprehensive, real-time snapshot of government financial activity.

GFinance360™ is a complete financial dashboard and reporting solution that integrates with existing databases and is specifically designed for State & Local Government reporting requirements. Some of the benefits include increased productivity by the elimination of manual processes; the ability to give an accurate and easy-to-read overview of city and county financial data; the ability to drill down into expense categories and compare against similar size organizations; the ability to forecast more accurate revenue and expense projections and the ability to track and project new jobs created.

Article sourced from www.businesswire.com, click here to read full story.

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