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Johannesburg Stock Exchange Leverages QlikView to Deliver New Billing Models, Slash Customer Charges By Up To 30%

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

QlikTech, a leading business intelligence software company, today announced that customer Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has used QlikView analytics to create a new billing model for its equity investment customers. Since its deployment in March, 2010, the new system has so far been able to reduce customer costs per trade by as much as 30% while maintaining revenue levels, ensuring the exchange’s growth remains solid.

Operating for nearly 120 years, JSE is Africa’s premier stock exchange and the 16th largest in the world, executing hundreds of thousands of trades per day. While it enjoys an excellent reputation, the exchange is under continuous pressure to modernize and compete with other international exchanges in order to attract more trading activity from its members who act on behalf of investors. To achieve its objective of growth and competitiveness, the exchange needed to devise a way of charging less for trades, but first it needed to assess the impact of such change on its business and customers. JSE turned to QlikView to build out the data model on which the new billing schemes were built.

“Without a new billing model we couldn’t grow the business in the way we wanted,” said Leanne Parsons, COO of the JSE and the head of equity investment. “To justify that, we needed a BI tool that could handle complex what-if analyses on over a billion lines of data. QlikView’s ability to perform in-memory, multi-dimensional analysis on such massive data volumes is what we found most attractive.”

The new billing model, a hybrid drawing from transaction and value-based fee structures developed with QlikView analytics, enabled the JSE to drop charges, Parsons says. “Instead of a flat rate per trade transaction we were able to do more structured billing, including volume-based discounts.  This has attracted more investment and is a powerful way for us to demonstrate our value to prospective customers. In trades below R100,000, we were able to drop charges by close to 30%, whilst maintaining revenues and thus growing our business,” she adds.

“Firms in the securities industry have had to reinvent their businesses in the wake of the recent global financial crisis,” said Les Bonney, Executive Vice President Global Sales at QlikTech. “Innovative organizations such as JSE have been leveraging QlikView’s in-memory analytics to find new ways to leverage the wealth of business intelligence existing within their complex infrastructures to reduce cost, improve market position, and increase revenue.”

In addition to the analysis that powers the new billing scheme, QlikView offers JSE quick and efficient visual analysis of its orders and trade data, as separate profiles. Running these huge queries on the JSE’s production servers had negatively impacted trading and downstream systems in the past, creating a major risk. “QlikView’s easy to understand graphical interface allows us to display and present the information in close to real-time, saving additional time and resources,” Parsons adds.

About QlikTech

QlikTech’s powerful, accessible business intelligence solution enables organizations to make better and faster decisions. Its QlikView product delivers enterprise-class analytics and search with the simplicity and ease of use of office productivity software. The in-memory associative search technology it pioneered makes calculations in real-time enabling business professionals to gain insight through intuitive data exploration. Unlike traditional business intelligence products, QlikView can deliver value in days or weeks rather than months, years, or not at all. It can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or on a laptop or mobile device—from a single user to large global enterprises. QlikTech is headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, with offices around the world and a network of partners to serve more than 16,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit www.qlikview.com.

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