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LITEBI: Next-Generation Business Intelligence

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Companies are managed using information, but often the processes to obtain data are slow and expensive. Business Intelligence promised to improve the management of an organization, making quality information available and useful for the decision-makers. Though, the complexity of traditional BI software, led to a tough reality: 60% of BI deployments failed. LITEBI was born in 2007 to solve this problem using a Cloud Computing / SaaS approach to Business Intelligence.

Information had traditionally been accessed using manual processes like spreadsheets or ad-hoc reports built by IT. The large quantity of information generated by companies made this processes too slow and expensive, while making it difficult to obtain quality and updated information. Business Intelligence emerged to solve this problem, but traditional deployments (with large Data Warehouses, complex ETL processes and hard to maintain metadata) where designed to address the needs of very large companies, who where the first organizations that realized they needed business control and analytic tools beyond manual reports.

Article sourced from www.pr.com, click here to read full story.

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