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Lyzasoft Announces Direct Connectivity to Salesforce.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lyzasoft, Inc. introduced today a new feature for Lyza, the company’s desktop data analysis solution, that enables direct connectivity to Salesforce.com’s portfolio of CRM applications.  This connectivity will allow business analysts using Lyza to easily integrate Salesforce data with other enterprise data sources, then analyze, report and share the results.  Current Lyza customers will receive the Salesforce connectivity upgrade at no additional cost.  A full feature version of Lyza, including the new salesforce.com connectivity, is available for free 30-day trial or purchase at lyzasoft.com.

 “While salesforce.com is a recognized market and technology leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, companies performing BI on Salesforce data in general find that the product’s analytical capabilities are lacking,” said Colin White, president of BI Research, a leading BI and data management consultancy.  “There is great interest in solutions that enable organizations to add analytics to Salesforce—offered as software-as- a-service or in the cloud, but there is also considerable interest in bringing Salesforce data into the enterprise for analytical purpose,” White said.  “For that reason, this move by Lyzasoft makes good strategic sense and opens up a significant market opportunity for the company.”  

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