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Business Performance Management: Answering Today's Challenges

by Peter Traynor, Editor in Chief, Dashboard InsightMonday, March 2, 2009

Our March editorial emphasis is on Business Performance Management (BPM), which has recently converged with business intelligence to become the single area of BI that for obvious reasons most captivates the attention of business leaders everywhere. The planned appointment of a Chief Performance Officer (CPO) by the US administration in Washington is emblematic of the importance BPM has taken on in recent years.

Few areas under your management are more critical to success than organizational decision-making ability. Driven by powerful, interactive performance dashboards, all of the factors that affect company performance are being analyzed historically and predictively in ways that were impossible only a few years ago.

But competitive "speed to decision" requires asking the right questions, getting the answers, and acting on them with lower and lower latency. BPM answers this by integrating reporting and analysis, planning, measuring and monitoring every critical aspect of the business. As these tools are refined, performance managers are being enabled with the realistic ability to achieve alignment, accountability, and performance for their organizations.

Some of our excellent contributions on BPM this month include:

Better Process Innovation

Over the last decade, the business world has made a paradigm shift in the way they think of business process reengineering (BPR). Senior business managers now base their BPR discussions on the concepts of "value adding" and "innovation", aiming to reengineer business processes so that their organization's operations and customer-facing services become more agile, dynamic, transparent, governable, and profitable. Talk of BPR is now framed in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Performance Measures (KPM). The days of reinvigorating business practices throughout a given operational or supply chain, without an exact understanding of ROI (i.e. proper implementation of KPI/KPM around the process), are officially past.

by: William Laurent

Why is Modeling Foundational to Performance Management?

The confusion, ambiguity and lack of consensus about what enterprise performance management is will continue for a long time. Fortunately, many are realizing that performance management is much broader than how it's often narrowly perceived: as just a CFO initiative with a bunch of dashboard dials and better financial reporting. However, since it is so broad, then what is enterprise performance management?

by: Gary Cokins

One-on-One with Shadan Malik - President and CEO of iDashboards

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with iDashboard's Shadan Malik about the role of Chief Performance Officer and how digital dashboard technology can assist the U.S. government's budget process - and more.

by: Dashboard Insight

Today’s Measurement Dashboards - Away from Rudder-and-Stick

The reporting of performance measures has advanced through its own stages of maturity. The display of performance information for control has advanced from the old Red Baron single-engine triplane with rudder-and-stick control to today’s Airbus-style jet navigation. The cockpits are certainly different.

by: Gary Cokins

Predictive Human Capital Information Drives Strategic Decisions

Worldwide, businesses are in critical times. The impact of the financial tornado that touched ground with fiery in the U.S. in late 2008 is one that is now felt globally. Organizations that survived the initial hit were besieged with rampant layoffs and organizational restructuring, worsening human capital issues including the impending retirement of baby boomers, their post-internet “replacements” and the worldwide skills shortage. Managers struggle to maintain performance levels with fewer workers, while increasing their productivity and optimizing their skills. But where do they start?

by: Becca Goren

Improve Operational Performance

Companies, organizations and government agencies are all seeking to improve their customer value, efficiency and effectiveness. While there are many approaches to improving performance, it is the combination of management perspective, an appropriate improvement methodology and visibility into and the ability to analyze relevant measures of performance that will yield best results.

by: Wayne Morris

Performance Management Strategies - How to Create and Deploy Effective Metrics

Performance metrics are a powerful tool of organizational change. The adage that "What gets measured gets done," is true. Companies that define objectives, establish goals, measure progress, reward achievement, and display the results for all to see can turbo-charge productivity and gracefully move an organization in a new direction.

by: Wayne Eckerson

Analytics versus Performance Management – Does Anyone know the Difference?

One of the fun but also frustrating aspects of enterprise performance management is dealing with the confusion about what it is and is not. Debates abound among IT analysts, management consultants, business journalists and software vendors – just to name a few groups.

by: Gary Cokins

Seven Steps to Next-generation Supplier Performance Management

Managing the performance of your suppliers, a critical component of overall supply and demand chain management, can have a material impact on your company's revenue growth and operating margin. Not investing in how you manage supplier performance, especially in a down economy, can have a negative impact on your profits, assets and cash flow. This article lays out a framework — a "management operating system" — for the discipline of closed-loop supplier performance management (SPM) and shows the hard-dollar return on investment that this discipline can deliver.

by: Ron Dimon and Simon Tucker

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