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Martin Dawes Analytics Announces Release of Lavastorm Data Reader 2.0

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Martin Dawes Analytics (MDA), a global process analytic software and solutions provider, today announced the immediate release of the Lavastorm Data Reader (LDR) 2.0, a highly configurable metadata management engine for acquiring and processing complex data formats. LDR 2.0 directly addresses key data and process analytic challenges where highly complex data - with different encodings and complicated nested structures - are unavailable or economically prohibitive to becoming part of the analytic process. The LDR streamlines and simplifies the acquisition of complex COBOL and ASN.1 data, as well as other multi-part and multi-format data. LDR 2.0 works in conjunction with MDA’s Lavastorm Analytic Engine (LAE) to directly link the acquisition of complex data into the process analytic execution.

Article sourced from www.mda-data.com, click here to read full story.

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