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Minority Report-style pre-crime prediction using Twitter data: possible?

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, October 15, 2013

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence explains how predictive analysis could be helping to solve crime before it even happens.

"It’s the year 2054, where “PreCrime,” a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called “precogs.”

That’s the premise of the Minority Report film. Now University of Twente (UT) mathematics student Marijn ten Thij* has developed a mathematical model that he says could achieve a similar result (but not limited to crimes) by analyzing tweets — perhaps similar to what the NSA is already doing.

Retweet graph of Project X dataset (snapshot at 2012-09-26 04:32:15). (credit: Marijn ten Thij/University o Twente)

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Source: Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

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