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Mobile BI: Real-Time Demands Trump Compatibility Struggles

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With people wanting to have greater access to their information on the fly it is not surprising that Mobile BI is so "hot" right now. For the most part the area is relatively new adding that "gotta have it" factor. Justin Kern from Information Management has written the following article for on how mobile and real-time dashboards demands are trumping compatibility struggles

The competitive drive for real-time and on-the-go business data access will push the mobile BI market to vast growth during the next four years, blowing past lingering concerns about compatibility, security and access, according to a new report from advisory TechNavio.

In the report, “2012-2016: Global Mobile Business Intelligence Market,” the London-based firm put mobile BI software and device spending at $702 million (U.S.) in spending in last year, with expectations of 27 percent compounded annual growth to the tune of $1.8 billion market by 2016.

This year alone, TechNavio anticipates the market to make a 25 percent leap from last year’s spending to an estimated total of $878.1 million.

Over the four-year time frame, nearly half (48 percent) of that market will be taken up by U.S. businesses, though the Asian-Pacific market will strengthen in the latter years of the forecast. On the tablet side of the market alone, global tablet shipments are anticipated to hit 365.1 million units shipped by 2016, though 2013 may be the peak year of tablet purchases, with 109.5 million units, or 81 percent more than were sold in 2012, according to the advisory.

The report indicates the mobile BI market will leap forward despite standing issues with new enterprise mobile devices and software. Among the businesses and vendors TechNavio implored, there remains concern with incompatibility of mobile BI applications with new or updated devices, particularly with the effectiveness of visualizations or analytic features. In addition, there are the standing issues of limited information accessibility on some devices and security concerns for any device connecting to the enterprise. IT departments are also dealing with users linking their personal devices into the enterprise and business data, as well as the growing hunger for customized mobile applications on all devices

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Source: Information Management

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