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Mobistar Implements Latest Version of MDA's Lavastorm Transaction Warehouse as its Comprehensive Fraud Risk Management System

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MDA, a global process analytic software and solutions provider, today announced that Mobistar, a leading quad play provider in Belgium and Luxemburg and a 1,665 million euro member of the France Telecom Group, is the first customer to go live with MDA’s recently-released Version 3.4 of the Lavastorm Transaction Warehouse (LTW). 

Mobistar recognizes that strong growth across all of its business segments requires a state of the art detection and prevention mechanism to protect against potential fraudsters.  To address this challenge, Mobistar selected MDA’s AdaptiveFMS fraud management solution - which includes the Lavastorm Transaction Warehouse - to help protect their customer integrity and the company’s bottom line.  When Mobistar wanted the ability to adapt even faster to evolving fraud threats, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of their fraud operations, they achieved these gains by upgrading their AdaptiveFMS solution to include LTW 3.4.

With LTW 3.4, Mobistar’s fraud managers obtained increasingly powerful analytics, and the flexibility to quickly detect new threats and immediately implement the rules to intercept them.  Further, LTW 3.4’s streamlined case management capabilities are providing their fraud analysts with operational efficiencies and higher fraud resolution hit rates.  In total, the system is providing Mobistar with the capabilities they needed to perform automated, efficient and effective fraud management on a daily basis.

“Keeping up with the challenge of detecting new fraud threats as our business grows is essential to protect our subscribers and our financial results,” said Michael Peeters, Mobistar head of Fraud, RA and BI.  “With LTW 3.4, we are able to achieve this goal through three important elements; a proven, world-class fraud management platform, a highly efficient operating environment for our analysts to detect and prevent fraud, and the ability for our fraud managers to quickly and continuously optimize the fraud management environment for maximum results.”

About MDA

MDA is a global process analytic company that enables our customers to maximize cash from and optimize business operations; notably the complex and critical order-to-cash process.  Through the Company’s Lavastorm Analytic Platform and associated Adaptive Modeling capability, they deliver powerful solutions, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, customer experience analytics, service delivery analytics, trade & settlement analytics, migration assurance, compliance and risk analytics, and dealer commission analytics.  Delivering these solutions in the communications, media, energy, and utility markets, MDA helps customers optimize current operations and de-risk the transition to new products and new business models.  For more information, visit www.mda-data.com, call +1 617 345 5422 ext. 244, or follow MDA on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MDAData.

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