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Dashboard Insight is Going For The Green!

by Peter Traynor, Editor in Chief, Dashboard InsightTuesday, February 3, 2009

Our February editorial emphasis is on Green BI, an area that has seen astonishing growth in recent years.

The collective energies of countless practitioners and solution providers and the sheer intellectual focus that has been devoted to sustainability and green BI practices now appear to have built to a critical mass.

This energy, combined with both an awakening corporate consciousness and a public will that is being manifested powerfully throughout government at all levels,  has taken the business of green light years beyond where it was a very short time ago.

Simply put, green is now good business – and no longer a costly albatross around the neck of the economy.

Some of our excellent contributions this month include:

The Seven Pillars of Green BI
The 21st Century is well underway, the forces of the global marketplace must accommodate the constraints of the biosphere. It is not enough to be the fastest and cheapest; companies must strive to be the greenest and cleanest as well.
by: William Laurent

Measuring and Improving the Performance of a Recycling Process
Numerous unjustified activities like pouring of enormous chemical waste from manufacturing facilities into oceans, deforestation carried out in un-thoughtful manner, emissions of dangerous gases in huge volumes have led to various problems like destruction of ozone layer along with acid rains and global warming.
by: Bob Elliott

Using Business Intelligence to Reduce and Accurately Measure Carbon Footprint
Dashboards show carbon emissions saved, money and time saved by less travel, top performing locations in terms of saving carbon emissions, and the least performing locations. A complex pivot shows which locations communicate with others, collaborating in the video miles savings.
by: Roni Floman

The Seven Pillars of Green Business Intelligence
Although the means to achieve robust Green Business Intelligence will generically mirror most other types of BI domains, the end result of green intelligence is unique. Vendors have become cognizant to the market opportunities that exist for green products. And yet, determining which green hardware products to purchase for their enterprise is something that fills many IT directors and Chief Information Officers with a deep sense of dread.
by: William Laurent

Assessing the Progress of Ecological Organizations
To take forward the aims of the organization in a ‘balanced manner’, BSC (Balanced Scorecard) can be of help. As the name suggests, the organizational management can synchronize the development in some of the areas by framing indicators in the ‘seemingly relevant areas’ to quantify the progress.
by: Bob Elliott

A Measured Approach to Going Green: IBM “Green Sigma (TM)”
“There’s a fundamental truth to understanding and improving any aspect of a company’s performance – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” said Dave Lubowe, global leader of IBM’s operations strategy consulting practice. “This applies as much to a company’s energy and water consumption as it does to anything else, and our new offering can help clients apply this principle to make their businesses greener.”
by: Jay Cadmus

Making Green BI Personal
The use of dashboards to manage the consumption of resources is becoming a common way for organizations to govern their overall carbon footprint. Obvious uses include monitoring environmental impact, energy consumption, emissions, etc. with the goal being to cut costs and improve efficiencies. Whether they be oil and gas, manufacturing, or travel, these industries are required to work towards the control of consumption and the emissions they expend back into the environment.
by: Lyndsay Wise

The Greening of Business and Government
Dashboard Insight recently spoke to Sid Adelman about the realities of green BI in government and industry. The following is a condensed version of his comments on the matter.
by: Peter Traynor

Dashboard Insight will be adding Green BI articles all month, please check back often.







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