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New iPad App and Publishing Platform from MeLLmo Unlocks the Value of Business Information

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today, at the SAP SAPPHIRE® Now Conference, MeLLmo Inc. creator of Roambi, the leading business app for interactive mobile analytics, announced Roambi Flow, an innovative business app and information publishing platform that moves beyond business intelligence and lets people easily create and share all types of information and intelligence in simple, intuitive and engaging business reports — securely, on the iPad.

Built from the ground up to leverage the unique experience of the iPad, Roambi Flow allows people to tell the story behind their numbers through engaging magazine-style reports and publications built with a simple point and click publisher tool. Instead of conventional quarterly reports, BI dashboards, and slide decks, Roambi Flow integrates interactive Roambi analytics, text, graphics, video and collaborative content, in a secure format that protects the confidentiality of critical information. Roambi Flow for businesses requires Roambi ES3 and will be available in June 2011; a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version will be available in Fall 2011

"Even while technology has enabled us to easily view information from our smartphone or tablet, business services have not adapted to these intuitive, interactive devices in the same way consumer apps have," said Santiago Becerra, CEO of MeLLmo Inc. "We believe business reports and presentations can be as interactive and engaging as the digital magazines or even games you find in the app store, and we created Roambi Flow to give people a better way to share business information. Roambi Flow has the potential to transform both the way businesses create and consume reports and presentations, and the way publishers and content holders reach their desired audiences."

"The ability to access, interact, analyze, and collaborate with business information presented like a magazine or newspaper will change the way business operates. Our benchmark research into Information Applications has found the demand to simplify information access and publishing using mobile technology," said Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer of Ventana Research. "Roambi Flow as an information platform and set of tools provides business the access and publish capabilities for easily reading and interacting with information on the Apple iPad. Combining this capability with the ability to access information from SAP and any Business Intelligence or Analytics system now revolutionizes the value of information for every organization."

Get started with Roambi Flow in just a few easy steps:

  • Acquire Roambi Flow. (Requires Roambi ES3 which integrates with IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle BI systems; data warehouse cubes; Excel, Salesforce CRM and more.)
  • Use the easy template-based, drag-and-drop Roambi Flow Publisher to create and publish intuitive, multi-media reports and presentations, choosing either the "Roambi Book" digital magazine style or the "Roambi Present" interactive presentation style.
    • Incorporating text, video, graphics, pictures and Roambi analytics, the Roambi Flow Publisher makes it easy to deliver highly-visual, compelling presentations and engaging, magazine-style reports for the iPad.
    • The Roambi Flow Publisher can be accessed from any desktop or laptop — or from an iPad, by downloading the free Roambi Flow Publisher app (requires a Roambi Flow login and password).
  • Publish and share Roambi Flow interactive reports and presentations with any iPad user, via the free Roambi Flow Viewer app
    • The free Roambi Flow Publisher app and free Roambi Flow Viewer app will be available for download from the iTunes store in June 2011

"Roambi Flow is much more than a mobile app, it is a new platform to share business information that fits today''s on-the-go work style," said Quinton Alsbury, president of MeLLmo. "Roambi Flow is the best tool on the market for not only making reports and presentations more interactive and intuitive, but for arming executives and workforces with engaging information that people want to read and share."

For more information on Roambi mobile analytics and Roambi Flow, please visit www.roambi.com or contact a Roambi representative at sales@roambi.com.

About MeLLmo

MeLLmo, Inc. is reinventing the mobile business application to improve the productivity and decision-making of on-the-go, always-on workers. The company's flagship product, Roambi Analytics, is a mobile solution that makes company reports and data quick to access and easy to interact with, via immersive dashboard-style analytics on any iPhone or iPad. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, MeLLmo has offices and resellers around the globe, and a worldwide customer base of Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across a diverse range of industries including: telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, packaged goods and others. For more information about MeLLmo or Roambi, visit http://www.roambi.com.

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