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Nintex Analytics 2010 Unveiled

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nintex today unveiled Nintex Analytics 2010 at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in London.

Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex’s Vice President of Technology, demonstrated Nintex Analytics 2010 to an appreciative crowd at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center. Many in attendance, who were familiar with Nintex Reporting 2008, were impressed by the second generation of this product line that helps report and analyze trends, performance and usage of SharePoint 2010 environments. Emphasized a number of times during the presentation and in the following Q&A session was “that Nintex Analytics 2010 is a window into SharePoint adoption, governance, workplace collaboration, content lifecycle and system utilization”.

The launch of Nintex Analytics 2010 will conclude a beta program involving a large user-base of Nintex partners, Nintex Reporting 2008 customers and Microsoft employees, which provided invaluable feedback and ensured Nintex Analytics is both functional and feature-rich. 

Nintex Analytics has been designed to offer greater usability to business users, business owners, system administrators and developers. The browser based report designer is intuitive and easy to customize, subscription options allow users to have reports and data sent to their inbox, and out of the box there are reports for documents, lists & discussions, sites, users, activity, search, performance, storage, as well as dashboards targeted to different types of users, such as system administrators or content owners.

In concluding the presentation today Mike Fitzmaurice summed it up nicely, “Nintex Analytics 2010 takes full advantage of the SharePoint 2010 user experience, offers rich reports, and provides the answers about your SharePoint environment”.

Nintex Reporting 2008 customers with software assurance agreements will be able to upgrade to Nintex Analytics 2010 at no charge.

For product information on Nintex Analytics 2010 visit www.nintex.com/analytics

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