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Now is the Time for Data Warehousing

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How badly will the recession hurt perceived enterprise luxuries like data warehousing and analytics? For both the vendor community and users alike, the answer to that questions could very much determine how well the enterprise tech industry emerges from the slowdown.

There's an interesting article on B-Eye-Network.com this week from Colin White, founder of BI Research. White is an expert on data management and warehousing, two areas that would seem to take a hard hit as enterprises struggle to cope with diminished revenues. His take is that while the gut reaction of most enterprise managers is to put warehousing on the back burner for now, in reality it should become a top priority due to the fact that enterprises are dealing with diminished data loads. This should make it easier to take important steps like setting up a thorough data quality regime, one that does more than separate "good" data from "bad" and instead provides a range of indicators that take into account the changing value of data over time and across applications.

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