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GeoPost UK Opts for Open Source BI Solution

Friday, May 27, 2011

From A to B. It sounds a straightforward proposition. But with a myriad of obstacles in between, logistics and distribution firms make an art out of getting it right for the right price. Journey times, legal requirements, traffic congestion, fuel consumption, maintenance costs and customer service quality all vie to influence the bottom line.

In these circumstances, you might think top-tier business intelligence (BI) vendors would be first in line to help transport companies negotiate the right route. However, best in class is not always the best fit with business needs, as one of the UK’s leading express parcel carriers has found.

GeoPost UK, which is owned by French operator La Poste, was faced with a proliferation of performance data after a system that generated Excel spreadsheets from a multidimensional database was overtaken by business requirements. The company’s use of data had become fragmented, and users wanted to be able to find more detail on particular metrics, such as service problems or revenue blips.

Article sourced from SearchDataManagement.co.uk. For the full story click here.

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