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Panopticon Adds Connector for Kx Tick Databases and New Time Series Data Analysis Capabilities in Version 5.8

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that it has released Version 5.8 of its widely deployed suite of OLAP-enabled information visualization software products. The suite of products includes: Panopticon Developer SDK for Java and .NET; Panopticon EX enterprise application; and the Panopticon Rapid Development Kit (RDK) which combines the fast deployment capabilities of the EX product with the code-level embedding capabilities of the Developer SDK. 

Panopticon 5.8 offers a number of improvements specifically designed to facilitate fast comprehension and analysis of time series data, including:

  • Ability to connect to the Kx Kdb+ high performance, column-oriented database. With a single data format for real-time and historical data, kdb+ provides a unified database that eliminates latency across multiple data management systems.
  • Expanded set of Time Series calculation functions that enable more efficient delta reporting. 
  • Time window parameterization, supporting dynamic conflation and semantic time zooming, typically against tick history stores. 

The 5.8 release also includes a number of usability improvements, including:

  • Automatic filter generation that makes it easier and faster to build new dashboards. 
  • New filter types that enable more detailed analysis of categorical data. 
  • New aggregation methods like Peer Rank and Child Percentile for more advanced analysis of risk data sets. 
  • Enhanced multi-column drag & drop. 
  • New Visual Table with micro-charting capabilities. 

The Panopticon system's real-time capabilities have also been improved to allow direct connection to more streaming data sources without any additional coding. 

Peter Simpson, Panopticon’s Senior Vice President of Research & Development, said, “We worked closely with a number of our more trusted clients to develop the roadmap for Panopticon 5.8. This release includes many of the excellent ideas they came up with based on their real world use cases in capital markets. Most of the new features in the 5.8 will also be extremely valuable for any organization where operational decision making is dependent on their users' abilities to understand and analyze large, fast changing databases and other sources of time critical data.” 

About Panopticon

Panopticon information visualization technology supports visual monitoring and fast analysis of real-time streaming data, the output of CEP engines and historical time series databases in financial services, telecommunications, engineering, consumer packaged goods, industrial manufacturing, and retail applications. The firm's Developer SDK supports Java, .NET and WPF environments and allows programmers to embed Treemaps, Heatmaps and other effective business intelligence capabilities into their own enterprise applications. Panopticon EX is a fully productized white label solution supporting rapid deployment across the enterprise to desktops and the web. The Panopticon Rapid Development Kit allows users to build complete analytical dashboards and embed them in enterprise applications in minutes. Clients include information services company Thomson Reuters, financial giant JP Morgan Chase, project management firm Deltek, and telecommunications systems provider Polystar. The company has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, London, and Stockholm. www.panopticon.com

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