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Peer39 Releases New Dashboard for Publishers

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Online semantic advertising company Peer39 has upgraded its semantic advertising platform interface to provide clients with a dashboard that specifically addresses the information needs of executives, ad operations and sales teams. The interface provides graphs, statistical breakdowns, suggestions and predictive functions related to content categories to which ads can be matched. The new dashboard also includes a post-campaign reporting feature.

In the “Executives” tab, an overview of content categories and ad placement is presented in the form of pie charts. The information provided allows executives to clearly see high-yielding content categories along with those that are not performing well.

The ad operations section drills down further into each content category and offers the opportunity to project the amount of content that will be created for a given category. This information is valuable for making predictions about revenue for a particular ad campaign. The Dashboard also provides an overview of content that has been moved to premium advertising channels, providing teams with a detailed understanding of the increased performance of advertisers’ campaigns.

Article sourced from www.businesswire.com, click here to read full story.

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