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Pervasive DataRush Delivers Solutions for Data-Intensive Applications and Analytics

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mike Bryars, General Manager of Pervasive DataRush, recently participated in an exclusive interview with Ron Powell and the BeyeNETWORK (www.BeyeNETWORK.com). In this interview, Bryars discusses how Pervasive DataRush is a revolutionary data processing engine and software platform with a family of high performance, embeddable software solutions for data-intensive applications and analytics. 

“Pervasive DataRush closes the gap between available hardware processing power, exploding volumes of data and what the software industry has been able to deliver in terms of commercial applications to resolve the parallel programming challenge, unlock the power of multicore hardware and efficiently extract useful intelligence from massive data sets,” says Mike Bryars, General Manager of Pervasive DataRush. 

View full story here

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