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Research reveals BI is not providing enterprises with value, with 62% receiving complaints from business users

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Research released today by Kognitio revealed that UK enterprises are wasting millions of pounds on unsuccessful business intelligence implementations. 1 in 4 companies said that they had spent over a million pounds on business intelligence implementations and more than half of those questioned had spent at least half a million. Furthermore, despite these large investments of money, the research revealed that these implementations are not providing the value companies expect, with 62% admitting they receive a barrage of complaints from their business users.

The survey also revealed that BI is taking too long to provide companies with any intelligence, with 78% stating that it takes over a year to see any meaningful results. This means by the time companies receive actionable intelligence, business needs have changed and the data is out of date.

"These results are extremely worrying. Gaining intelligence a year after starting a BI implementation is completely unacceptable - it is no wonder BI implementations so often fail and that they have such a bad reputation," commented Roger Llewellyn, CEO, Kognitio. "Companies need to start looking very closely at why Business Intelligence isn't getting them the value they expected and look back at what they expected it to achieve."

Article sourced from www.kognitio.com, click here to read full story.

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