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Roambi Now Available to All Verizon iPhone Users

Thursday, February 10, 2011

MeLLmo Inc., today announced that Roambi, the popular mobile application that transforms business reports and data into immersive dashboard-style analytics for the iPhone and iPad, is now available to thousands of Verizon customers as they choose the Apple iPhone as their personal and business mobile device. Roambi’s unique, immersive user experience lets on-the-go professionals quickly and intuitively access and analyze up-to-the-minute company information, enabling faster, smarter decisions - anytime, anywhere.

Since its launch in May of 2009, Roambi’s popularity among large enterprises, small to mid-sized businesses, workgroups and individuals has grown exponentially - a trend that is sure to continue as the iPhone on Verizon permeates the market. According to research firm IDC, the next three years will see mobile app downloads increase from 10.9 billion to nearly 76.9 billion in 2014.* As an already popular and widely downloaded iPhone and iPad app, Roambi stands to benefit from Verizon’s expansive base of enterprise and SMB customers that count on the company’s reliable network to keep workers connected to their customers, colleagues, and company data.

“Mobile phones and tablets are the most dominant tools in business today, and we are excited to offer Roambi to a new iPhone audience,” said Santiago Becerra, chairman and co-founder of MeLLmo, the developer of Roambi. “Roambi customers currently on AT&T can now expand their Roambi implementation to additional employees who are on the Verizon Network. We are thrilled for new Roambi users to experience the benefits of up-to-the minute company data delivered in immersive, dashboard-style visualizations directly to their iPhones. We are confident they will enjoy the ability to access critical business data on-the-go and make smart, fast decisions - anytime, anywhere.”

Roambi Lite, Roambi Pro, and Roambi ES3 v3.1 make up a complete suite of Roambi products for individuals, workgroups, SMBs and enterprises. Organizations across numerous industries around the world including telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, and packaged goods are recognizing the value that Roambi brings to their businesses. Providing mobile workers with access to critical company information from the palms of their hands provides a significant competitive advantage – increasing productivity and improving on-the-go business decisions.

Roambi product pricing and availability

Enterprise companies can visit http://www.roambi.com/enterprise-overview.html for more information on Roambi ES3 v3.1. In addition to the on-premise Roambi ES3, MeLLmo offers a suite of online publishing services for individuals, small & mid-sized companies and workgroups, including Roambi Lite (free) and Roambi Pro ($99/year). The Roambi App for the iPhone on Verizon is now available as a download from the Apple App Store or at www.itunes.com/appstore.

About MeLLmo

MeLLmo, Inc. is reinventing the mobile business application to improve the productivity and decision-making of on-the-go employees. The company's flagship product, Roambi, is a mobile solution that makes company reports and data quick to access and easy to interact with, via immersive dashboard-style analytics on any iPhone or iPad. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, MeLLmo has a worldwide customer base of Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across a diverse range of industries including: telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, packaged goods and others. For more information about MeLLmo or Roambi, visit http://www.roambi.com.

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