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Rosslyn Analytics Launches World’s First Self-Service Apps Store for Finance, Procurement and IT Professionals

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Notoriously difficult to obtain business-critical finance and procurement data is now accessible to enterprises the way iTunes is available online for consumers.  

Rosslyn Analytics, the leader in cloud-based spend data management solutions, today launched the world’s first self-service enterprise apps store, RA.Pid Apps Store.  The industry first RA.Pid Apps Store drastically shortens from months to minutes the time it takes for users to access spend data for real-time spend analysis, contract analysis and risk analysis.

Rosslyn Analytics also unveiled today RA.Pid Extract Studio, a Wizard-driven self-service application that enables customers to accurately extract not just their spend data but any of their data from JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP in one-click.

“Rosslyn Analytics has broken the technological barrier to integrate packaged enterprise applications with spend data in a pay-as-you-go apps store environment,” said Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics. “What we are doing to the finance and procurement applications market is what salesforce.com did to CRM – empowering users to obtain, transform and analyze spend data whenever they want and however they want with no deployment time.”

Real-Time Self-Service Enterprise Apps Store

The RA.Pid Apps Store is as easy to use as iTunes.  Customers simply pick, buy and run any number of the self-service applications found in the RA.Pid Apps Store, which is fully integrated into the award-winning cloud-based RA.Pid Spend Data Management Platform. 

RA.Pid Apps currently available to customers include Dashboards, Card Analysis, Category Analysis, Expense Analysis, Payment Analysis, Variance Analysis, Contract Manager, Supplier Master File Analysis, Advanced Spend Reporting Framework, and many others.  These apps provide users with more than 50 unique advanced drill-down analytical reports, data capture and data cleansing tools.

“RA.Pid for Excel lowers the barriers to entry for mid-size companies to introduce a comprehensive spend analysis package making the job of analyzing data easier,” said Steve Bowdler, Group Procurement Manager, Produce World.  “Within five minutes of loading our multi-site spend data into the web-based RA.Pid platform, my group procurement department has visibility of categorized data in which to run base spending reports to identify saving opportunities today, not tomorrow.”

New, One-Click Rapid Extraction 

Numerous surveys reveal enterprises are struggling to integrate, standardize and improve the quality of data pulled from disparate data sources.  To address this fundamental issue, Rosslyn Analytics developed a suite of vendor-certified, self-service applications that enable business and IT users to automatically extract all data directly from JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP in one-click. 

RA.Pid Extraction Studio is also fully integrated with the RA.Pid Spend Data Management Platform, which quickly transforms spend data into actionable intelligence by automatically cleansing, harmonizing, categorizing and enriching data.

RA.Pid Extract Studio Benefits:

  • RA.Pid Extract Studio extracts not just spend data but any data depending on your role.
  • The secure extraction process is able to commence in just one-click following the single configuration phase.
  • No manual support or supervision is required once extraction commences due to fully automated “lights out” capability.
  • Users are able to manually extract data from database tables and specific fields.
  • Users are able to use predefined templates to create, load and save extraction projects.
  • Users are able to extract spend data for analysis in Excel or in the RA.Pid platform.
  • Users are able to view and interact with data in real-time as it is being extracted, including filtering, searching and grouping data.
  • Users are able to securely transfer data due to the built-in file compression and automated SFTP utilities.
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