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SAP Influencers Summit

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 8, 2009 - SAP hosted its influencer summit to bring together analysts, consultants, bloggers, partners, and the like to learn about and get updated on SAP’s roadmap, go to market strategy, and response to general market trends.  With the constant changes in the market, whether economic, customer demands, or technological advancements, the only way to remain ahead of competitors and provide customer value, is to constantly adapt and remain ahead of the curve of these changes and demands.  Among customers, there is an increasing expectation for lower cost, more productive solutions that are both quick to deploy and to gain value. 

SAP’s message is that due to their full stack of solutions and with their goal of providing industry focused and business relevant solutions, they can provide organizations with all of their business needs as well as integrate third party solutions. Through their Business One Suite and the integration of Business Objects analytics within their software offerings businesses can integrate their customers’ business processes, analytics, and everything in between by using SAP.

In addition to a general overview, SAP spent time discussing their cloud computing, mobile, small and mid-sized enterprise SME), and the integration of Business Objects within the larger SAP platform.

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