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SASĀ® Business Analytics helps rings up millions in savings for telco

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Communications depends on SAS® Business Analytics to quickly and efficiently monitor the system of intercarrier compensation for calls switched between networks. The result: $500,000 saved the first year and several million dollars since.

With annual revenue of $800 million and serving customers in 16 states, One Communications finds the results significant. The company – founded as an alternative to local phone companies during telecommunications deregulation – also uses SAS Business Analytics to increase flexibility and profitability in numerous other areas.

“Before we brought billing in-house, we felt that we were not billing everything we could. In carrier access billing, there are too many chances to miss billing opportunities. Our then-CEO had concerns that as a startup company we were turning on a lot of lines without billing for all of them,” said Rick Pigeon, Vice President of Network Planning and Optimization. “Since bringing our billing in-house and deploying SAS, we’ve saved millions of dollars. That’s huge.”

Article sourced from www.sas.com, click here to read full story.

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