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Six reasons your Big Data Hadoop project will fail in 2014

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightWednesday, January 15, 2014

Hadoop has taken off over the past 2 years in the wake of the big data boom. A recent article in information week stated that "More Hadoop projects will fail than succeed". Steve Jones, who runs the blog Business SOA, expands upon this assertion, explaining the likely reasons for the downfall of Big Data Hadoop project. When we know what to expect we can better plan for the future, "knowing the half the battle".

Ok so Hadoop is the bomb, Hadoop is the schizzle, Hadoop is here to solve world hunger and all problems. Now I've talked before about some of the challenges around Hadoop for enterprises but here are six reasons that Information Week is right when it says that Hadoop projects are going to fail more often than not.

1. Hadoop is a Java thing not a BI thing

The first is the most important challenge, I'm a Java guy, I'm a Java guy who thinks that Java has been driven off a cliff by its leadership in the last 8 years but its still one of the best platforms out there. However the problems that Hadoop is trying to address are analytics problems, BI problems. Put briefly BI guys don't like Java guys and Java guys don't like BI guys. For Java guys Hadoop is yet more proof that they can do everything, but BI guys know that custom build isn't an efficient route to deliver all of those BI requirements.

On top of that the business folks know SQL, often they really know SQL, SQL is the official language of business and data. So a straight 'No-SQL' approach is doomed to fail as you are speaking French to the British. 2014 will be the year when SQL on Hadoop becomes the norm but you are still going to need your Java and BI guys to get along, and you are going to have to recognise that SQL beats No-SQL.

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