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Social Business Intelligence Has Much To Offer Companies, Expert Says

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Companies that deploy social business intelligence are able to analyze and take advantage of various new forms of information, Forrester Research senior analyst James Kobielus said in a recent interview with eCRM Guide.

According to Kobielus, social BI allows businesses to bring in unstructured and semi-structured information from various customer sources. And such information allows companies to form a full view of customers, including their demographics and their pyschographics, to better understand how they will react to market shifts.

"Companies need to decide what social web sources and social data they actually require to feed into their various key business decisions, whether those decisions are related to marketing, promotions or pricing," Kobielus told eCRM Guide.

Kobielus also highlighted the fact that social BI is breeding collaboration within companies. Users can ask questions of each and link them to reports and visualizations.

According to a recent IDG News Service report, social BI also has the ability to boost a workforce's productivity. That's because social business tools engage employees "in any discussion, no matter where it started," according to IDG. .

Article sourced from www.panorama.com, click here to read full story.

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