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Solmentum: Solar Meets Data Mining

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Persuading consumers to pay for the luxury of having a solar rooftop is a challenge, and solar installers are experimenting with everything from advertising to social media to neighborhood meet-ups. But solar provider Solmentum thinks it has found a more efficient approach to reeling in customers: data mining.

Solmentum uses data mining to identify customers who’ll find going solar financially attractive, and also to maintain a close connection with these customers, similar how a real estate broker acts. "The idea was to develop a secret sauce to identify the homes that are perfect and target those homeowners and not waste your marketing efforts on the rest of the 90 percent," says Jason Brown, CEO of San Francisco-based Solmentum.

Article sourced from Reuters. For the full article see Solmentum: Solar Meets Data Mining.

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