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SQLstream, Pentaho & SQL Power Unleash Powerful Real-Time Business Intelligence Partnership

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Perez Hilton tweets and then blogs that Lindsay Lohan was just spotted leaving Santa Monica Pier while drinking a Red Bull. Paparazzi swarm the promenade as curious onlookers follow Twitter from their iPhones. Tipped off by their new real-time BI solution, a cutting edge advertising executive receives a mobile alert that there is a spike in Twitter activity about a client. The agency shelves the usual morning Raisin Bran ads for an energy drink campaign, all in real-time. Sales volume surges as the agency establishes web advertising leadership by delivering unique value to their client. The morning ends with executives on their Blackberries discussing the rapid progress made toward KPIs and sales goals while drinking a.......

Fresh off the Pentaho Partner Summit, SQLstream, Pentaho and SQL Power announce a collaborative partnership to deliver actionable, affordable real-time business intelligence. This easily integrated solution will query, triage and analyze high volume data feeds such as Twitter, on the wire, then deliver it via sub-second updates into an executive business intelligence dashboard.

SQLstream's real-time analytics engine bridges the gap between operational business systems and the data warehouse. Pentaho is the world's most widely deployed open source business intelligence suite and is based on the open source Mondrian OLAP server. SQL Power is the premier business intelligence and data migration consultancy in Canada, specializing in the implementation of cost effective BI solutions.

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