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The Dangers of Bling Data Visualizations

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightWednesday, February 5, 2014

While we are not very enthused about either of dashboard examples presented in this article the messaging behind it is well worth the read. Michael O'Connell and Eric Novik write for Information Management on why you should beware of flashy visualizations. As the saying goes: "all that glitters isn't gold":

Image from the New York Times

Given the volume of information that’s pouring into the enterprise from so many disparate sources, knowledge workers need to be able to visualize information in order to analyze it and extrapolate insights effectively.

When business users can visualize information, they’re able to process it more effectively and make faster and better decisions, according to Aberdeen research. Business users are constantly seeking the best ways to understand the data behind the data. If a monthly sales figure is low, what are the reasons the sales team is underperforming(sic)? The most effective way to help business users understand the data behind the data is by making it visual for them.

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