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The Future of Business Intelligence: An Impending Realization

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightThursday, January 9, 2014

Jelani Harper, Dataversity, explores the exponentially expanding business that is business intelligence, how its growth has surpassed previous expectations:

Nearly a year ago, an article written for DATAVERISTY™ on Business Intelligence (BI) stated “at some point in the near future BI analysis will simply be another routine aspect of the job for business professionals looking to maximize the use of what will be viewed as a standard resource.”

This prediction was presaged in the context of the increasing assertion of two “diametrically opposed” movements related to Business Intelligence – the prevalence of formal education in this field and the simplification of BI tools that are drastically assisting business users in daily operations.

The reality is that the reliance on data is growing nearly exponentially; virtually any application of data requires analytics or BI to extract meaning and subsequent action. What once appeared as two opposing trends that could potentially cancel each other out has merged into a synthesis in which formal education in the field – in addition to developments in automation, Data Discovery tools, Cloud computing and Big Data – is readily used to simplify the process of leveraging BI for laymen.

BI’s crossroads has become a solitary path paved by the consumerization of (and burgeoning familiarity and comfort with) IT, which Gartner describes as “how enterprises will be affected, and how they can take advantage of new technologies and models that originate and develop in the consumer space, rather than in the enterprise IT sector.”

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