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The Future of Business Intelligence

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightThursday, January 2, 2014

If you had a crystal ball where do you think it would tell you business intelligence is heading? Passioned Group has provided their take on the future of business intelligence:

Within the field of Business Intelligence, the following developments will gradually take shape and gain momentum:

  • The future of Business IntelligenceLess ‘technology push’ as Business Intelligence matures: In recent years, Business Intelligence has proved to be highly technology-driven. It was all about snazzy reporting tools with all sorts of ‘bells and whistles’, performance, technical debates about the most suitable data modelling method and advanced drill-down possibilities. These ‘toys’ diverted our attention from the real purpose of Business Intelligence, namely creating a truly intelligent organisation. Fortunately, today we see that Business Intelligence is increasingly driven by the business and that the attention shifts to the behavioural side. Many organisations today prepare a business case in advance in order to assess whether the payback period of data warehouses and Business Intelligence applications is in line with current economic and business standards. Business Intelligence becomes increasingly business-driven and permeates through the organisation more easily. Business Intelligence gradually matures and technology becomes secondary to the processes and applications.

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