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The increasing convergence of MDM and data governance

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Data governance is a hot topic these days with vendors developing enhanced functionality within their product suites to support the internal processes required for a successful data governance program. The concept of data governance is simple.  The Data Governance Institute (datagovernance.com) defines it as "a system of decision rights and accountabilities for information-related processes, executed according to agreed-upon models which describe who can take what actions with what information, and when, under what circumstances, using what methods.” Basically, this involves defining and managing roles within the organization that help control data related items – whether this means assigning people to take ownership over data and the processes associated within disparate business units, or developing overall company wide initiatives that take into account more than one business area and how data interrelates. Either way, organizations are starting to look more seriously at how managing data translates into business value.

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