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The New Approach to Business Intelligence – Trend Towards Self-Service BI

Monday, March 22, 2010

The concept of self-service BI is not new.  There has always been a push to get the right information into the hands of end users with concepts like BI for the masses and operational BI.  Both of these trends drive a broader application of business intelligence use within organizations on the whole.  Now, with the addition of self-service BI and a newer focus on having BI projects driven by the potential business value they will add, the type of business intelligence that has been desired but remained elusive can finally take shape within companies. It now becomes possible for organizations to have a strong IT infrastructure and BI framework while still having a main goal of addressing business pains and enabling decision makers to do their jobs more effectively. But what has enabled the shift of BI use from trends based reporting to end user driven strategic decision-making?

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