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What Can the Real-Time Web Economy Do for Your Business?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The explosion of instant content produced by online news sites, blogs, and social media has huge implications for the business and has become top of mind for information executives. When harnessed in real-time, predictions of future market trends and superior business decisions are inevitable.

What’s changed is information officers now have a whole new breed of data to think about thanks to the real-time Web. The real-time Web is actually much broader than microblogs such as Twitter – it’s instantly available news, search, and information from within the enterprise (e.g., collaboration tools such as wikis) and also legacy applications. The mind-staggering speed at which this data accumulates is what makes it so difficult to harness and make sense of. To quantify this in physical terms, a May 2010 EMC-sponsored IDC study found that the amount of digital information that will be created in 2010 alone will be 1.2 zettabytes, which equals 75 billion fully loaded 16 GB Apple iPads!

Article sourced from www.b-eye-network.com, click here to read full story.

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