Hi! Thank your for this post. It isn't easy to find good overview of the evolution of BI, and especially about the Embedded BI topic.

At Verteego, a sustainability software vendor, we were facing exactly the challenge of your first paragraph...

We use to work with QlikView. It is a very powerful tools, but we were sadly using only 5% of all the features. So we decided to build our own tool by creating Jolicharts as a spin-off.

As you described in the second paragraph, we needed a very flexible Saas tool, that could be easily integrated, in every app. If QlikView were MS Word, Jolicharts should be the Google Doc, finding online all the key features that we really needed.


After one year of development, it is now embedded in all our products, and works really fine for us:

- Connecting our data or spreadsheets,
- Designing Dashboards with collaboration possibilities
- Sharing, Publishing charts or dashboard, in one click.
- Embedding the dashboards in all our apps
- Applying information filters depending on the viewer

Now, we are really happy with this tool in our product.
Because we think we were not the only company facing this need, we released Jolicharts for everyone few months ago. Do not hesitate to go and see by yourself!