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WhereScape Introduces Data Driven Design Tool

Friday, May 20, 2011

WhereScape, the developer of WhereScape RED, an agile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for managing data warehouses, today introduced WhereScape 3D, a data driven design tool for planning and reality-testing data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) projects. Using WhereScape 3D, organizations are able to de-risk projects by planning accurate, user-tested projects up front, in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

WhereScape 3D extends the company’s leadership position in the data warehouse development tools market, providing a pre-ETL solution and making risk-assessed agile development a reality in the BI markets. WhereScape 3D is available via a free trial for a limited time by registering for the WhereScape 3D beta program. The announcement was made at the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT), a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts, and practitioners who attend half day presentations from interesting and innovative vendors. The BBBT was founded by Dr. Claudia Imhoff, president of Intelligent Solutions, Inc.

WhereScape 3D steps data warehouse project teams through the process of source and target exploration and modeling, user functionality verification, scoping, sizing and costing activities, producing both complete project design documentation and an implementation-ready design that can be exported, as metadata to be utilized by products such as WhereScape RED, WhereScape's flagship data warehouse lifecycle management platform.

Regardless of where the design team begins its process, WhereScape 3D provides end-to-end technical assessment tools to ensure that the flow of data from source to target in your warehousing environment is feasible, meets performance and capacity guidelines or constraints, and delivers the business value user communities expect.

Based on the power of the WhereScape Data Driven Design™ methodology, WhereScape 3D formalizes and accelerates investigation and risk assessment activities, enabling designers to begin where they actually are in the project lifecycle, including:

  • Starting with a detailed, systematic profiling existing source systems, in order to understand what sorts of dimensional or normal-form warehouses and marts can be built from the available source data.
  • Analyzing a new or updated source system against an in-place data warehouse or data mart to determine what impact those sources systems will have on existing BI infrastructure.
  • Proofing a custom schema design, or a purchased or licensed data model against available source system data.
  • Working backwards from prototyped or implemented reports, dashboards or analytical applications and their data requirements into warehouse or mart design and source system data availability.

“With careful application of data driven design principles and attention to the organizational structure of the delivery team, data warehouse design and population projects can now be placed on a much firmer basis of realistic and reliable scoping and sizing,” said Dr. Barry Devlin, a founder of the data warehousing industry and among the foremost worldwide authorities on business intelligence. “Tools to support data driven design, such as that provided by WhereScape 3D, separate from and prior to the design and development of ETL processes is key to enabling these skilled data practitioners to fulfill their role.”

Bank of New Zealand Extending Data Warehouse Infrastructure

The Bank of New Zealand used WhereScape RED to quickly and cost-effectively consolidate multiple financial data marts into a Microsoft SQL Server based centralized data warehouse. According to Dave Thompson, Head of Business Intelligence for Bank of New Zealand, incorporating WhereScape 3D into the Bank's data warehouse infrastructure represents an opportunity to further reduce the risks and costs associated with designing, developing and extending data warehouses. “We are excited about WhereScape's new data-driven design methodology and are evaluating opportunities for WhereScape 3D as we continue to build out our data warehouse infrastructure.”

Key features of WhereScape 3D include:

  • Supports multiple aspects of the data warehouse planning process
  • Combines data and design into the same process
  • Supports and associates conceptual, logical and physical models
  • Embedded data warehouse knowledge
  • Generates data warehouse specific design documentation
  • Out of the box support for common use cases, as well as creation of custom use cases.

“WhereScape has been devoted to the idea that well-designed tools can reduce the time, cost and risk of data warehouse development,” said WhereScape co-founder and CEO Michael Whitehead. “WhereScape 3D enables organizations to scope, size, eliminate risk and deliver data warehouses, data marts and business intelligence environments fast by focusing on the source systems, the target schema as well as end-user needs and expectations before they start the build process. It provides a central repository for planning information from interview notes to designs, and extends the concept of lineage to the planning process.”

About WhereScape

WhereScape design, develop, sell and support WhereScape 3D, the industry’s first data warehouse planning tool; and WhereScape RED, the industry’s first and best integrated development environment for building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses.

WhereScape’s products are used in every kind of business intelligence project found in today’s commercial environment: from normal-form enterprise data warehouses and data vaults, through user access layers and tiers of dependent data marts, to standalone data marts and reporting systems.

Our more than 400 customers are active and satisfied users of our technologies, and report that, with WhereScape’s products, they are able to build data warehouses with fewer people, few if any diversions, missed deadlines or unmet user expectations, and in record time: in days or weeks, instead of months or years. WhereScape has offices in Portland Oregon, Auckland New Zealand, and Wokingham UK. For more information, please visit www.wherescape.com.

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