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Visualising Who Influences Who in the Music Industry

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, June 11, 2013

Source: VentureHarbour

Something strange happened in Iceland at RIMC. About half way through his talk on networks, Matt Roberts from Linkdex analysed the ‘network’ of speakers at the conference to identify ‘who he should take for lunch’ i.e. who was the most influential speaker who he wasn’t already connected to. To my surprise, I was that person.

By strange coincidence, Matt and I were sat opposite at the speaker’s dinner. After catching my first glimpse of the Northern Lights and being initiated to Icelandic ‘Black Death‘, I (probably not so soberly) asked Matt whether we could analyse the whole music business community as a network using Linkdex.

What you’re seeing here is a map of who influences who in the music industry. A few things to bear in mind:

  1. When talking about ‘influence’ we’re referring to someone’s ability to change another person’s behaviour, not social popularity. The most influential people in this analysis are those who have the biggest impact on changing other people’s behaviour.
  2. The direction of the arrow indicates who is influencing who.
  3. The length of the arrow indicates relationship depth. The shorter the arrow, the closer the relationship.
  4. The people towards the center of the diagram are most important / influential in this community.
  5. The larger a person’s circle, the more influential that person is generally.
  6. The colour of the circles has no relevance (blue is me, orange were the starting nodes).
  7. A major limitation of this analysis is that it’s based on Twitter activity. While generally quite accurate, there are anomalies.

Let's dig in.

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