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Why CIOs Need Data and Analytics to Make Mobile a Success

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightThursday, November 14, 2013

Dan Woods, Forbes, discusses the what CIOs should be doing in order to ensure their mobile business intelligence solutions are a success.

If anyone comes to you with a pre-packaged program for implementing a suite of existing mobile apps to revolutionize your business, put a lock on your wallet and show them the door. While offering productivity apps such as email, calendar, and contacts can help pretty much every business, that’s about as general as it gets.

The biggest payoff from mobile technology comes not from developing or buying an application or implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) program, but from experimentation that leads to an understanding of how making content available, creating new apps, and adapting existing apps can lead to re-inventing processes that transform your business. In this journey, personal devices will arrive, applications will be deployed, and mobile device management (MDM) will be used to enable it all, but the most important game is much bigger than these steps.

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Source: Forbes

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