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Why You Should Limit Business Intelligence to Three Data Points

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sorting through massive volumes of data, separating out what's of value and delivering it to decision-makers at the right time in the right way are the ideas behind business intelligence. The way to turn those ideas into reality is by limiting yourself to "the power of three," according to Larry Bonfante, CIO at the United States Tennis Association.

Limit the information you give executives to three key elements. Giving them too much data isn't any better than giving them too little, Bonfante writes in a post at CIOInsight. Although many data points are relevant to your business, you won't do yourself any favors by providing all of them. The key is to work with executives to determine which three data points are the most useful.

Article sourced from www.fiercecio.com, click here to read full story.

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