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Wrapping up at Teradata Partners User Group Conference

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teradata Partners conference wraps up tonight after four days of information and networking sessions to give customers better insight into how they can optimize their data warehousing use and learn more about data warehousing concepts and Teradata’s overall roadmap. Mike Koehler, President and CEO of Teradata discussed the fast paced changes occurring in the market regarding technology and the broadening of the application of data warehousing to include more than just enterprise data warehousing (EDW).  This shift in Teradata messaging enables customers and prospects to take advantage of Teradata products without the concept of building an overall EDW.  Although customers have always applied solutions the way they saw fit, this new flexibility looks towards expanding the popularity of Teradata’s product family platform and appliances and using it as a first step to a company’s overall adoption of data warehousing and analytics.

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