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WSO2 Debuts WSO2 Gadget Server Portal Platform for Creating Personalized SOA Dashboards

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WSO2 Gadget Server, a New Generation of Enterprise Portal Software, Offers Developers a Lightweight, Flexible and Easy-to-Use Portal based on Popular Open Specifications

WSO2, the open source SOA company, today announced the debut of its new enterprise portal server, WSO2 Gadget Server. WSO2’s ground-breaking new portal platform brings an easy, intuitive experience to creating portals and personalized dashboards—heralding a new way of building portals in record time. Using the same technologies employed by the highly popular iGoogle personalized homepage, WSO2 Gadget Server allows users to combine gadgets from their enterprise gadget repository, iGoogle and the Web, and even to write new gadgets using common Web standards. As a result, users can quickly customize their own dashboards to give them the information they need in real time.

WSO2 Gadget Server represents a radical departure from traditional portals based on the JSR168 Java portlet specification. Unlike the large, rigid and complex server-side portals typically used in enterprises, the lightweight, platform-independent WSO2 Gadget Server lets users quickly implement and modify a true Web-based portal that can be accessed anywhere via a browser. While IT professionals create and manage the enterprise gadget repository, authorized business users can mix and match the gadgets they want to get the updates they need. Additionally, these users can rate and comment on gadgets, sharing valuable knowledge about which gadgets best serve different requirements.

Article sourced from www.wso2.com, click here to read full story.

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