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Dundas Data Visualization / Digimoto Success Story
Digimoto Vehicle Diagnostics Success Story

by Ed Worsfold, Director of Marketing, Dundas Data VisualizationTuesday, August 28, 2007


Digimoto is a vehicle diagnostics software application which connects to a vehicle’s OBDII (on-board diagnostic) port to retrieve sensor readings, error codes and test result data. The software allows do-it-yourself mechanics access to a vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) information while buffering them from unnecessary risks and costs associated with direct ECU access. It is also designed to allow individuals with no automotive experience the ability to effortlessly reset their check engine light or monitor vehicle performance.


What We Needed in a Charting Solution

We have relied on Dundas’s charting components since our first release. From a creative standpoint, it is not always desirable to utilize third-party components; however, Dundas eases that pain with tremendous flexibility in design and development. From a business standpoint, using Dundas components is, I believe, one of the best decisions a company can make. Countless hours of development, support and user feedback have been put into creating the Dundas line of development tools - and it shows.

The Challenge

When seeking a charting package, we wanted something offering a competitive edge. We knew that building a successful application needed a way to clearly communicate mission critical information. We wanted tools to enhance our look as well as offer simplicity in design and development. Because our software requires us to stream information in real time, we needed a solution that could provide live data in an extremely fast, reliable and robust way. Since we were operating on the .NET framework, we were also looking for something that would fit in nicely with the Microsoft line of development tools. Our company started with an extremely small budget, but we knew that if we wanted our business to be successful, integrating these tools was a necessary step. If you compare the cost of the Dundas components and take into consideration their look, flexibility and support, then Dundas - hands down - becomes the most logical choice, regardless of budget.

How Dundas Chart Solved our Business Problems

The Dundas charting components allowed us to give our customers real-time sensor readings in many flexible ways. With Dundas charts, customers could view real-time MPH, RPM, oxygen sensor values, various temperature values, etc. We even integrated a dynamometer into our software allowing people to measure horsepower and torque readings.

About a year after release, Dundas launched its Gauge package and we didn’t hesitate to get our hands on it. I have always felt the entire Dundas company was built around making my business successful and this was just another way of confirming that belief. With the Gauge package, we can display vehicle data in other, perhaps even more powerful, ways. The gauges were completely customizable allowing us to

Digital Dashboard for the Automotive Industry
Through development flexibity in Dundas Chart and Gauge for
.NET, Digimoto software can provide more than 90 gaugable/
chartable vehicle sensors.

provide our users with a true “Digimoto” look and feel.

With our latest 5.0 software release, we have started to expand on the Dundas components by exposing some of the flexibility Dundas offers our customers. Our software currently provides more than 90 gaugable/chartable vehicle sensors. We have integrated custom forms which easily show properties Dundas provides on its gauge and charting components - this allows our customers to design the application to their own look and feel. Users have the ability to not only skin the gauges and charts in an infinite number of ways, but they can also set various properties and tolerances. Users can build custom clusters and map various sensors against each other on the same chart giving even the most experienced mechanic the tools needed to increase productivity. One of the greatest features of the Dundas components is its ability to be as flexible in run time as it is at design time.

The Competitive Edge

Currently, Digimoto supports more than 10,000 licensed users globally. Digimoto also offers a freeware application which is used by an additional 30,000 users (estimated). We have witnessed first hand the impact Dundas has had on the automotive community in general. In our business, it is necessary for a company to remain competitive by enhancing its product line. We view enhancements made in our competitor’s applications as a struggling effort to keep up with what we have to offer through the use of the Dundas components. In one case, we actually witnessed a competitor adapt and eventually integrate the Dundas product line as well. Utilizing these components gives software producers an edge in a competitive market, not only benefiting their business, but all users of similar applications as well.

The Future

As I look forward, I see things only getting better. Although we have not yet integrated Dundas mapping technologies, this is another solution we feel was built just for us. Not once has our company been disappointed in what Dundas has had to offer. This simple letter is the least we can do to say thank you on behalf of both Team Digimoto and all of the Digimoto customers for giving us the tools we needed to enhance our automotive needs.

Joel Konecny
Founder of Digimoto

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