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Five Dashboard Software Video Reviews

by Alexander 'Sandy' Chiang, Research Director, Dashboard InsightFriday, November 18, 2011

The following are video sneak peeks on using various dashboard offerings. I looked at Dundas Dashboard, Tableau, QlikView, Inetsoft’s Visualize Free, and XLCubed Excel Edition.

These videos are not recommendations, but are provided to give you a snapshot of the workflow and user experience when developing a dashboard or visual analysis interface.

NOTE: These videos were created for Dashboard Insight’s 2011 Dashboard Design Contest.  You can skip to the recommended times provided below.

Dundas Dashboard

Dundas Dashboard has a lot of visualizations and design elements to choose from. Start from 00:56. Watch the Video


With Tableau, you will see that it only takes a couple of minutes to start analyzing your data. Start from 00:49. Watch the Video


Check out QlikView if you think like a data analyst and want total development control over your data. Start from 00:45. Watch the Video

Inetsoft's Visualize Free

Visualize Free has a simple interface to learn and has a good selection of visualizations. Start from 00:39. Watch the Video

XLCubed Excel Edition

If you're comfortable with MS Office Excel's interface, then take a look at XLCubed Excel Edition. Start from 00:55. Watch the Video

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