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Hands On Technology Delivers Mobile Physical Therapy Documentation Software
with ComponentOne FlexGrid™ for Mobile Devices

by Tracy Gunzenhauser, ComponentOne LLCFriday, July 6, 2007

It’s no secret that the health industry requires change to effectively manage the growing needs of providers, payers, and most importantly patients. To meet these needs and offer cutting edge technology that offer real solutions, Hands On Technology chose ComponentOne FlexGrid™ for Mobile Devices to implement a mobile physical therapy documentation solution. With the initial release of their product, TheraWriter.PT, clinics across the United States are able to utilize this technology to reduce their time-consuming documentation efforts.

In the past, physical therapists had to use paper charts that they carried around the entire day. The biggest problem was that the physical therapists needed to hand write all current documentation onto paper after the patient left the office. These notes would typically take at least 10 - 15 minutes to generate, and then the physical therapists would go back to the desktop and re-type the notes. This is not only costly in time, but also has a higher risk of transcription errors.

Hands On Technology’s objective was to reduce the time required to produce daily documentation and provide computerized point of service medical records. This solution is the only kind of mobile documentation targeting the .NET Compact Framework in the physical therapy documentation market so far.

Hands On Technology used the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework with ComponentOne FlexGrid for Mobile Devices, transferring data using TCP sockets back to the desktop PC. They selected this product because it was the first product currently available on the market for the Pocket PC that uses wireless networks for physical therapy documentation.

"We needed to quickly construct mobile documentation software with ease-of use, a comprehensive feature set, and flexibility. ComponentOne FlexGrid for Mobile Devices provided us with just that, plus saved us hours of work and coding," said Ryan Havlick, Vice President from Hands On Technology.

The architecture is a 100% managed .NET Windows Forms desktop application, and a 100% .NET Compact Framework application targeting Windows CE 2002, and 2003. The data is transmitted over TCP using sockets in the .NET Framework, and allows for wire or wireless access.

The project took three months including planning, development, implementation and training. First they designed the functionality based on customer feedback on a previous version of the software. Then they found the controls to use to make the solution work. Hands On Technology also had to study the current desktop software and find a way to get the data to sync back. Lastly, they built setups and began testing.

The critical success factors were the ease of use in the interface on both the Pocket PC application, and the desktop. The user experience was improved by the user interface because ComponentOne FlexGrid for Mobile Devices mimics flex grids on the desktop, which makes the user’s experience with a Pocket PC easier since there is a smaller learning curve.

This is a compelling solution because of the reduced cost of Pocket PCs, and increased flexibility with the current hardware and software. Physical therapists are able to put a full days worth of documentation on the Pocket PC, and reduce note-taking time by five minutes a note. Since most physical therapists create approximately 10 – 20 notes a day, the end results are time savings which equates to cost savings.

This solution provides quick-time-to market, quick time-to-benefit, increased productivity, and lowered costs. The TheraFreedom product directly saves time in the clinic, which saves money. Managers see this as not only a current necessity, but also as a great solution to document faster, and with greater accuracy.

About Hands On Technology

Through cutting edge technology and developments that offer real solutions we are offering you a chance to visualize with us a hands on future. It is no secret that the health industry needs change to effectively manage the growing needs of providers, payers, and most importantly patients. With the initial release of TheraWriter.PT, clinics across the United States are realizing the power of the applications that Hands on Technology are creating.

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